Barbed Wire. Militant November 1997

The Archbishop and the Pimp

Pimp: You f---ing church people should stay out of politics.

Archbishop: Well, no-one can accuse you of getting involved in morality!

Pimp: Too right! It’s the job of Parliament to make laws and it’s your job to keep the people law-abiding.

Archbishop: Well, actually, I think we've a pretty good record of helping Parliament against bank nationalisation and militant unions, fighting against divorce and drug reform, not to mention our long record of helping to herd indigenous people on to reservations so your precious pastoralists could get on with their business.

Pimp: That’s true, and it’s time you got back to defending property rights instead of mouthing off against privatisation and my Wiked legislation.

Archbishop: So, you think givernment has a role in defending property rights then?

Pimp: Right on! That’s what we're all about.

Archbishop: Well a lot of people are asking why you're trying to do away with the property rights of the Australian Aborigines.

Pimp: Don’t give me that! The only property rights we're looking after is the property rights of the market. I don’t give a pigs arse for this so-called Native bloody Title!

Archbishop: Don’t you think that’s a teensy bit racist?

Pimp: Come on, we'll look after black pastoralists just as much as white pastoralists.

Archbishop: But you will use the power of government to abolish the property rights of the indigenous people.

Pimp: Look mate, I got elected to do this job not you!

Archbishop: Luckily, I don’t have to get elected, I get my mandate from God.

Pimp: Yeh! Just like the bloody High Court. They think they get their mandate from God.

Archbishop: So, if you get elected, then it’s OK to do away with someone’s property rights?

Pimp: Of course!

Archbishop: Well, let’s hope that all those farmers who are being done out of their property rights by the banks don’t decide to elect a government to nationalise the banks!

Pimp: That'd be bloody immoral!