Barbed Wire. Militant March 1998

Welcome students to Philosophy 101.

For those up the back who can’t see the board, telescopes may be purchased down the City for 50 bucks and if you can’t make it to the 8am lecture, it will be repeated at 4pm and 8pm and is available on video for $29.95 from the Faculty office if you make an appointment.

Don’t forget to collect your lecture notes at the back. Just put a dollar in the slot and you can take it out of the drawer at the bottom. You will need your lecture notes because it has your reading list, and you'll need to apply to the library to borrow the books you need as soon as possible as there is only one copy of each in the library. Some of them you'll have to get by inter-library loan, and there’s a $10 fee and 2 week wait for those.

Your first assignment is due in on Monday. You can choose between the following topics:

Aristotle’s concept of the syllogism and it’s influence on Lacan.

Foucault’s epochal discourse in the deconstructive plane of analytic singularities in Heidegger’s Being and Time.

The ontology of housework in early 20th century creative writing.

Essays must be submitted on CD ROM and fully illustrated with video and audio. Full fee-paying students should mark their disks with an “F” so I know not to fail you.

Did I hear a question?! Look sonny, you're not in school any more. If you've got a question, just swipe your student card across the card reader outside my room and speak into the microphone, and you'll get your answer from the Department’s Philophobe program and $5 will be deducted from your card. If you want someone to speak to go and see the Student Counsellor.

Now, this first lecture is on Alienation. Alienation is an idea thought up in the nineteenth century by Karl Marx, but it was thoroughly discredited by Kierkegaard who proved that alienation can be overcome by the power of prayer.

Let us all Pray!


Thank you all, please leave by the doors at the side so the next class can get in at the back and hurry along, I've got a course evaluation meeting to go to.