Andy Blunden. Abandoned Draft, October 2005

The Subject

  1. Introduction

Philosophical Foundations

  2. The First Subject: Aristotle
  3. The Renaissance Subject
  4. Kant: The Sovereign Individual Subject
  5. Johann Fichte: The Subject as Activity
  6. Hegel: The Idea of the Subject
Appendix 1: Getting to Know Hegel
  7. Hegel: The Subject as Concept
  8. Hegel: The Subject as Self-consciousness
Appendix 2: Fukuyama on Recognition and Trust
  9. Marx: The Alienated Subject
Appendix 3: The Radical Subject (Part 2)
10. C S Peirce: Semiosis, the Subject as Sign-Activity
11. Philosophical Foundations: Summary

The Individual

12. The Individual (Introduction)
13. Neuropsychology
14. Phylogeny
15. Identity: Culturalism vs. Constructivism
16. Emotions and Needs: Agency and Objects
17. The Individual (Summary)


18. Jean-Paul Sartre: The fused group and the practico-inert
19. Althusser: Interpellation, structure
20. Habermas: Intersubjectivity
21. Anthony Giddens: Structuration, risk and reflexivity
22. Post-structuralism: Subject position, availability and narrative.
23. Sovereignty: Kant, Laclau & Mouffe, Recognition and self-determination
24. Recognition and anti-colonialism, Kojčve
25. Recognition as self-realisation, Axel Honneth
26. Recognition as status subordination, Nancy Fraser
27. Subject and Object: Self-sufficiency and Recognition
28. The Subject as a Place: Jane Jacobs, Vinson
29. The Subject as Capital: James Coleman, Robert Putnam, et al
30. The Subject as Habitus: Pierre Bourdieu
31. Critical voice: Amartya Sen
32. The Subject as Victim: Frank Furedi, Robert Hughes, Charles Taylor

A Concrete notion of the Subject

33. Identity: Subject position, and social contradictions
34. Knowledge: knowledge for sale, knowledge and ethics
35. Agency: The decline of Sociability; the ethics of freedom
36. Poverty and Marginalisation
37. Politics of Fear: fear, blame and remedy
38. Heroes and Martyrs: dynamic justice and the individual
39. Alliance Politics and Ethics (Part 3): building solidarity
40. Conclusion: Key social justice issue of our times